So we have . Currently I am seeing if we should pluralize it but aside from that ....

I wanted to tag How to clean off spray adhesive? with as it seems very appropriate to me.

Should we have where would be a synonym? or

Should we have and would be the synonym?

or perhaps would be considered something different?

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  • Off hand, I guess I'm thinking that adhesive actually includes much more: tape, putty, pastes, etc. So I guess glue is an adhesive, but not all adhesives are glue. To me, though, it's a question of whether or not we'll need separate tags for those (which I don't know). – user24 May 2 '16 at 15:47
  • @CreationEdge Good point. Where do spray adhesives fit into that. Adhesives might be too broad then..... – Matt May 2 '16 at 15:49

Just by definition Adhesives is more encompassing and includes glues.

Adhesive - a substance used for sticking objects or materials together

So this stands to reason that Adhesives would include glue, tape, paste or whatever else one uses to stick items together.

I think Adhesives is probably a better tag than Glue since having a Glue tag would mean we need a Tape tag and I don't see that being very widely used.

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  • Currently, we think "tools" is too broad, but I agree that most sub-types won't be used. I think "adhesive(s)" is the way to go, but we should allow subtypes, such as "epoxy", if we get enough questions on those specific materials. – user24 May 3 '16 at 2:20

The synonym was suggested, but it doesn't seem that there was enough people to vote on it.

Don't worry, I made it stick!

I merged glue -> adhesives and made them a synonym.

We can still use specialty adhesives where necessary, such as epoxy, if they come up.

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  • Hahaha very punny – Matt Dec 14 '16 at 11:10

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