I've added it for the first two questions, since they're specifically about amigurumi, particularly the filling that supports them. I'm not sure on the others, since I'm not that kind of craftsperson to make an accurate assessment of whether or not they're just knitting/crochet questions.

We also need a tag wiki excerpt written I'm not sure what's appropriate outside of specifying that it includes questions about patterns and filling.

  • 3 definitely isn't amigurumi-specific and 4 5 may be inspired by amigurumi but the information is valid generally... but I can see an argument for adding it to either. The thing about tagging is that it's not exclusionary... so having the tag doesn't mean the info doesn't relate to general crochet, as long as the crochet tag isn't removed. – Catija Jun 25 '18 at 22:36

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