I was thinking about uploading a picture

However, the image size is too large.

There are a lot of free-to-use .jpeg compression programs available on github.

What do you think about modifying the arts & crafts stack exchange website to automatically compress the image before uploading the file for hosting on imgur.com

an animated gif of the image upload user interface. everything is grey except for pulsating red text complaining that the image size is too large

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I think this is a brilliant idea. We regularly see post where users post links to images instead of the images themselves because they don't know how to include them correctly (including size constraints). Especially on mobile devices it can be very hard to compress an image without cropping it and then you never know exactly how much you need to compress it to fit without losing too much detail.

It's a real obstacle when users want to post pictures of the problem they ask about and all they say is "I made a photo with my phone but I cannot upload it".

  • This would be very helpful, not just here on A&C, but on several other Stacks that have images frequently posted. Just wondering about the number of Stacks that would benefit versus those that don't really need it.
    – agarza
    Jun 12 at 13:33

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