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For questions about chat, the site's "third place" (after main site and meta) where informal discussions can be had and questions asked that would be off-topic on the main site.

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Where is the chat?

I've been reading questions and answers on Stack Exchange for years, and recently decided to join a few sites. I went exploring and noticed that this site has a link to a chat room, but it doesn't ...
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Alert on moving comment discussion to chat

If comments on a post turn into discussion, the system pops up an option to continue the discussion in chat. Some things to be aware of: The word "continue". It doesn't move previous ...
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Suggestion for increasing traffic: schedule regular chat events

Arts & Crafts is one of the smallest sites on the SE network, and a few meta discussions here have focused on how to increase our traffic and participation, most recently How can we increase ...
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I would like to introduce a new HNQ based feed in chat

We have been in public beta for a while. One of the many ways our site gets attention is via the Hot Network Questions(HNQ) feed and site bar on StackExchange. There is a formula that will elect ...
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What sort of chat events should we hold?

Not all Arts & Crafts questions are well-suited to the StackExchange model -- for example, "does my artwork look good" or "what craft can I make with popsicle sticks". However, these could be ...
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Can we start making chat rooms for other specific crafts and concepts?

I saw another room pop up for Poster Design. Should we start making more rooms for other specific crafts? A place for people to get centric knowledge about there craft and compare ideas and such?
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Chat room name ideas?

Arts & Crafts has it's own beloved chatroom!!! Woot! The issue is, a few things. Make sure to chat! Discuss! Chat's your third home, feel free to take about the site, or even just have casual ...
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