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Use this tag for questions regarding the use and policies of commenting. Comments are small addenda to each question or answer, intentionally limited in size and formatting, and intended to prompt clarifying edits. They require at least 50 reputation to utilize. They are meant to be constructive towards the post, and should not be used for chatting purposes.

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Alert on moving comment discussion to chat

If comments on a post turn into discussion, the system pops up an option to continue the discussion in chat. Some things to be aware of: The word "continue". It doesn't move previous ...
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Clarifications on the use of comments

There is fairly comprehensive general guidance on using comments in the official Stack Exchange Community FAQ and the Help Center topic on comments. There is also extensive discussion of specific ...
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How strict are we going to be with comments?

On the question What is the proper way to sharpen a pencil? there was at least one comments that was removed. It was from me and was something along the lines of: Yes I was interested in this as ...
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