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You have an idea for a new feature, or for a change to the existing functionality.

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Suggestion for increasing traffic: community gallery

We have discussed and are discussing methods to increase traffic to and retainment of our community: Suggestion for increasing traffic: schedule regular chat events How can we increase participation ...
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Suggestion for increasing traffic: schedule regular chat events

Arts & Crafts is one of the smallest sites on the SE network, and a few meta discussions here have focused on how to increase our traffic and participation, most recently How can we increase ...
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I think [poster-color] tag should be added

I have a question about my Arts & Crafts Stack Exchange post: Can I mix poster colors on a plastic pallet I think that the tag poster-color should be added to Arts & Crafts. As poster colors ...
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Feature Request Proposal: Improve Access to Guidelines (as part of Scope Reconsideration)

Proposed For Group Consideration: That A&E SE post a Feature Request on Meta Stack Exchange to (1) have links to our “Help Center” and “Asking Help” pages placed in additional high profile ...
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Create a tag for figure-drawing?

I spend most of my time drawing portraits or figures. How about a figure-drawing tag to encompass artistic anatomy, life drawing and figure drawing?
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Can we please be added to the sites allowed to embed Youtube videos?

I don't know if Jeff's list has changed at all since this was written but... as a site where videos could do a lot to help with technique, I think it would be really useful to have YouTube video ...
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Should we create a tag for "tool-selection"?

I was looking back on my question from before and I was searching for a tag describing someone asking about the pros and cons and description of each tool in a category (the question was about tool ...
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Disable the "s" restriction temporarily in the closed beta?

In general, most sites that are similar to ours prefer the plural or collective forms of nouns for tags rather than singular... e.g., on cooking, the tags are "doughnuts", "vegetables", "measurements",...
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