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The scope of a tag determines what the tag can be used for. It is usually determined by the description of a tag (like this). Use this tag if you want to describe or edit a tag's scope, or have a question about the scope of a certain tag.

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There appears to be crossover with 'technique-identification' and 'terminology' tags

The current wiki excerpt for terminology states: Defining, explaining or finding terms used for the tools, materials or techniques used in crafting. technique-identification does not currently ...
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New tag to address questions regarding conduct of artists and craftspeople

To address questions about the (acceptability of) (professional) behaviour of artists or craftspeople, and to avoid them being tagged with irrelevant tags, I created the artistic-conduct tag. As ...
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Should "sewing" be exclusive of related needle crafts like cross stitch and embroidery?

My general understanding is that, while they use the same equipment (needle and thread), sewing and crafts like embroidery are not the same. I recently submitted a tag wiki excerpt for sewing that ...
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Refine definition for material-selection/medium-selection tags?

material-selection and medium-selection strike me as very similar tags. How should their definitions differ and/or overlap?
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