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Peer voting on questions and answers is one of the most important aspects of the network, since it incentivizes users to add and improve content. It gives users most of their reputation, and also usually controls how posts are sorted. Voting is also possible on comments, and is generally done when that comment adds something relevant to the post.

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Please help the Arts & Crafts site by voting

On any site, voting is how the value of posts is identified and sorted. That's part of what makes the knowledge base valuable to the vast majority of readers. But voting also plays a vital role in ...
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Why does my “Review (voting) Queues” red indicator light keep coming on in error?

It shows up as red, which one time out of ten truthfully means there is a vote to be made. Fine. But the other 90% of the time there are no votes pending. Is this because I have a lower than 1000 rep?...
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Vote Early, Vote Often!

At this stage in a beta site's life, one of the things it needs most (along with questions, answers, and users) is VOTES. Voting from the community on questions and answers will help to determine what ...
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